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Employers look for someone who will go the extra mile. Our free resume templates will get you started on writing your resume. Then go the extra mile and set your resume apart with our popular Modern Resume Templates.
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Our modern resumes are being used everyday helping job seekers get their resumes noticed! They are fully editable with Microsoft Word so they can be used for any job title or position. Rise above the competition and get your resume noticed today!


All our templates are in Microsoft Word document format. They are customizable and can be fully edited once you download. Once your done editing, you can save your resume as a pdf or word doc.


Our custom resume templates go above and beyond! If you’d like your resume to be one that draws attention, then we recommend our modern templates. In today’s visually enhanced society it is likely that your resume will be viewed on an ipad, laptop, or even at times a smart phone. Take advantage of our modern resumes that will visually enhance your resume and make you stand out from the competition!


All of our resume templates are professionally designed to give you the edge in this competitive job market. Our resume templates are a strong resource that will help employers distinguish you from those who use the same old everyday resume structure. Our goal is to give you an attractive resume that will help you stand out from the competition!

Keep in mind to be goal oriented. Write about your achievements and advancements in the job world. Be passionate about the particular job field you are applying in. Our resume templates give a great first impression! Do keep in mind that it’s the impressive skills, abilities and achievements printed on the resume that will truly land you the job.

It can sometimes be the little things you forget to do that causes your resume to get overlooked. Please refer to our Resume Tips page to help you create the most attractive and comprehensive resume.

Writing good content can be a challenge. If you feel overwhelmed then consider contacting a resume writing consultant that will give you great ideas for your content and how to arrange it.  Some sites will allow you to post your resume online.


Marketing yourself can be a challenging. If your starting with a blank resume, then our site has the tools you need to get started writing or editing your resume. First step is to get ideas by viewing our samples. You can even download and edit them within Microsoft Word. Then export as a pdf for the employers to view easily. A professional appearance is what you are striving for, so your strategy should be simple. Sell yourself fast! Format your resume in a way that gets your primary strengths noticed. Here is a link to a resource that will help you build your resume from the ground up. This will be beneficial whether your a nurse, actor, designer, teacher or just wanting a basic resume structure to help you get started.


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