Preparing A Resume

How to Prepare Resume Information

Start by finding find your most marketable skills, then find experiences and achievements in past jobs or volunteer work that show off those abilities. This information will be the meat of your resume.

Write down your marketable skills

Your professional resume will need to cover your most marketable skills in a way that gets employers attention at a glance. When preparing a resume you should ask yourself a few questions. See below.

What do I do best?

What do you do for the organization you currently work for that makes you indispensable? Is there a particular talent that you have that sets you apart? Is there a job that no one can do like you?

What do I enjoy doing for myself or others?

Do you enjoy volunteering at a local non-profit organization? Is there a passion in your heart that drives you towards a certain job market or industry? Do you enjoy the arts or maybe you like giving advice?

Look at what you do best and what you enjoy doing. If any of these are the similar then underline them.

These are the things you do best and enjoy doing. These are your most marketable job skills.

Next, list your most marketable skills.

Now chose the best of the underlined job skills. These skills are what will get the attention of the person glancing at your resume. These underlined skills are your most marketable ones that will help guide you to the right job.

Sell yourself with what you’ve accomplished!

What did you achieve with your most marketable skills? Did you increase sales, update a product, streamline business, or even cut down on wasted time. Make sure you choose achievements that are relevant to the job you are applying for. Your resume will shine if you can convince the boss that your abilities are of great value to them.

What not to put on your resume.

Resumes get crammed with unnecessary info. Here’s 5 things you should not include on your resume:

  • Race, Age, or Religion
    In most countries its illegal to discriminate against you because of the above.
  • Exact dates of Employment
    If you have had many different jobs then it can be difficult to list those dates of employment. Try placing some jobs in a one or two year category. See Below.
    (2004-2006 Waiter/Busboy; McDonald’s, Hardee’s, Chili’s)
    (2006-2008 Olive Garden District Manager)
  • Reasons for switching jobs
    This is something that will most definitely be discussed during an interview. So no need to waste space on the resume.
  • References?
    Some recommend to leave them off, but it may depend on the situation. If you have a very well known person of character as a reference, then it may help to list them. But most employers want to interview you and get a feel for your personality and the way you carry yourself. If they think your a fit for their company, then they will start calling references. So in most cases it is a waste of space to list references on resume. You can also attach it as second page. Just remember that your first page is your big seller and don’t waste any space on information that is not relevant to you being an asset to that organization.
  • Salary
    Unless they want this information on your resume don’t list it. This will be discussed at the interview.